Crescent Moon Pendant - Ruby, Rose Quartz, Scolecite
Crescent Moon Pendant - Ruby, Rose Quartz, Scolecite

Crescent Moon Pendant - Ruby, Rose Quartz, Scolecite

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NEW and fabulous Crescent Moon pendants incorporating the iconic Celtic spiral pattern.

Handmade by West Cork based artist and designer Nadette Charlet, they are made using a variety of precious gemstones. Each piece of jewellery is made with gemstone resin and sterling silver with an adjustable leather chain that extends to 320mm. it includes a quartz drop bead detail. 

Presented in a luxury deep purple velvet bag lined with pale lilac satin. The drawstring cords are also purple and with lilac satin finishings.

A gemstone is the name given to a piece of mineral or other rock or organic material. Each gemstone has a unique chemical composition that affects the way they absorb and reflect light. Our eyes can only see colours between 380–750 nanometres, so gemstones that absorb all of these wavelengths will appear black, while the ones that all light wavelengths can pass right through appear completely colourless. 

They are thought to promote the flow of good energy and help eliminate negative energy for physical and emotional benefits.


  • Restores vitality increase desire and energy, they allow one to enjoy the sensual pleasure of life and attract romantic partners  
  • Can protect the wearer from paranormal and psychic attack and bad dreams
  • Creates heightened awareness and helps concentration

Rose Quartz

  • Gentle and stabilising stone to help heal a broken heart. 

  • It is the perfect stone to help you attract romance and love into your life.

  • Rose Quartz is calming for the mind, assisting you in releasing worry, fear, anxiety and past emotional trauma. 


  • Amplifies your ability to remember dreams. 

  • Scolecite helps you to open your higher nature and the expanded realms beyond the physical plane.

Much bigger than previous pendants - Crescent Moon length 4.5cm, 1.75inches, excluding the drop-down bead.